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Mind Games

Mind games that provide learning with fun are games that open the minds of children and enable them to learn new things. These games, which also contribute positively to character development, are entertainment that improve children’s ability to act in a planned manner and prevent bad habits. Children who increase their knowledge and skills with mind games increase their self-confidence and enable them to recognize their own limits.

The main purpose of mind games is to improve people’s thinking skills. They are very important especially for children between the ages of 6-12 and can be used to develop and strengthen children’s perception, memory, cognitive skills.


  • facilitates learning by keeping the intelligence active.
  • gives the ability to act in a planned manner.
  • strengthens foresight.
  • allows to acquire new abilities.
  • good for eliminating forgetfulness.
  • raises concentration.
  • develops the ability to produce solutions and think multi-dimensionally.
  • allows to recognize the limit of abilities.
  • develops research skills.
  • brings an investigative personality away from memorization.
  • teaches not to give up on failures and to try again.
  • allows to understand and learn the rules.
  • gives the habit of systematic thinking.
  • allows leisure time to be spent both for fun and learning.
  • helps increase social success
  • enables to spend quality time with the family and to work in a joint and planned manner.

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