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How do you get your kids involved with coding and coding robots?

Today, many parents want their children to learn how to code at an early age in order to better use their STEM skills at school and to invest in their future. Some people may think that coding is too abstract and complex for kids. As a matter of fact, coding is more than feeding a program into a program; With “helpers” like coding robots for kids, these apps can become much more fun.

Children can learn valuable cognitive skills such as critical thinking and problem solving while coding.
To further engage kids interested in coding, manufacturers produce coding robots that are fun and educational for kids, allowing kids to learn coding, robotics, and STEM skills while playing.
At present, many educational institutions are adopting coding robots as teaching equipment, preparing students for competitions and achieving excellent results. Many families also find coding robots to be an effective self-learning resource for kids at home. These coding toys have kid-friendly software like mBlock 5 powered by Scratch. Using graphical programming software, kids begin learning to code by dragging and combining code blocks to make a variety of programs, including animations, stories, and games.
Moreover, all these softwares are also compatible with cute robots like mBot, Codey Rocky. The integration of hardware and software makes programming visible in the physical world. Kids can turn robots like the mBot into a handheld gaming device and into a weather forecaster, a racing car, a jukebox and more by playing a series of games on different levels.

Extracurricular resources for programming and robots
Along with the powerful functions of coding robots for kids, well-designed curriculums from a supportive developer community can also attract kids to programming a coding robot.
To encourage kids to learn and practice coding, the Makeblock Education Site has created a wealth of extracurricular resources, including lessons, curricula, and projects. These materials can help children study comfortably at home.
At the same time, your child can have basic programming skills with the site. In, children also program with drag and drop logic. The fun part is that while programming on, your child may find themselves in a Frozen fairy tale or a MineCraft game! promises your child a pleasant and permanent learning by intertwining coding with games and cartoons that attract children’s attention.

Best gift!
The holiday season is coming. Still trying to decide which gift is best for your child? Innovative gifts like coding robots for kids like MBlock products are a great idea in our opinion! Entertaining, entertaining and teaching your children will definitely make a unique gift while having a positive impact on their future.

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