The Latin rooted word “mellis” refers to honey. A rich golden food, produced by the honey bees as the purest and the most perfect food of the nature… We chose this very word because our aim is to develop training programs and educational materials that should be useful and attractive like honey. We, as educators and technology developers, work like honey bees to achieve this goal. 


We develop innovative tools and methods such as informatics, technology, design, user experience analysis, virtual reality, augmented reality, robotic coding, non-computer robotic applications in the field of education, organize workshops, seminars and training events for this purpose, and also prepare and carry out educational projects by making use of national and  international funding sources.


Innovative applications such as robotics applications, e-learning, distance education, computer aided education, project-based education, gamification


Support for activities in the field of education that use hybrid learning models supported by technology and designed with face-to-face education


Along with training for innovative approaches, web design and software services for corporate needs and active support during implementation